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I’ve Helped Make a Difference


“I treated my first client yesterday. He fell off a ladder 8 years ago and had a really bad compound fracture. He has pins and plates in his radius and ulna, nerve damage that runs down his arm from the elbow to his pinky and ring fingers, is unable to supinate the wrist at all, and can only extend the forearm to about 130 degrees. The doctors told him the range of motion and nerve damage would take about 5 years to heal, but it’s been 8 and he’s had zero notable improvements since his last surgery.

I treated the whole arm, from the shoulder, down the triceps, to the elbow, then forearm, then the hand/wrist. He said for the first time in years he felt sensation down his arm to his fingers, was able to move them more freely, and was even able to extend the arm a few degrees more, and supinate the wrist – a tiny bit, but more than before.

His opposite wrist also has screws from a different injury and arthritis. That wrist was feeling better instantly, and we both could see it was less inflamed after 10 minutes.

We’re both pretty hopeful we’ll see more positive results over the next month, as he paid in advance for an entire month of sessions 3x a week… And just like that, I’ve helped make a difference for someone, and there is no better feeling… Thanks again.”

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