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My Clients Love the Machines


My sister now has had a MagnaWave B2 since the 14th of February.  I would like to give
you a general idea about how it has changed things for her.

To start off my sister is a cancer patient.  She had ovarian cancer stage 4
about 1 year ago.  She went through treatment but that left her weak, major
bone problems, problems sleeping, a lot of pain and generally not that
positive of an attitude on life in general.

She has the B2 machine because in my opinion it should be able to cover many
of her problems better than the Semi I have from what I could learn.  It
might not work as fast but the sleep mode and the alpha setting should have
worked on the central issues in my opinion.

She had to take a couple of sleeping pill each night to be able to sleep a
mere 3 to 4 hours.  She started using the sleep mode with the pad under her
pillow and by the second night with only one sleeping pill slept 8 hours.
The next week no pills and 8 to 9 hours of sleep is now considered normal.
She still uses the machine each night.  The dream/sleep mode lets her have
dreams and she said the dreams are pleasant ones.

She uses the PEMF with Alpha every morning and pretty much the whole body
gets at least a little.  This seems to do two things.  Helps with pain and
improves general outlook on life and gives her the urge to do things.  She
has a small dog that tries to get as close as possible to her during
treatment.  I’m told he has a happy face during this time as well.  She also
has 2 frozen shoulders that are now nearly back to normal.  Her doctor told
her it could take 12 to 18 months before they are not frozen.

Her strength is increasing much faster with the machine compared to without
it.  Pain levels are way down.  Sleep is great and general outlook on life
greatly improved.  Probably will be a while before finding out if her bones
have improved.

The B2 doesn’t help with pain as quickly as the Semi does.  The PEMF is
quite gentle and takes longer to work.  The sleep and alpha setting I’m told
are the best.

It seems the B2 was a good choice for her.  It is also small and
lightweight.  It may not work on the body pains as quickly as all the other
Magna wave machines, but it has something the other machines don’t   I wish
the Bata, Delta and Alpha setting were available in my Semi machine. Or at a
minimum just adding the Alpha all the time the PEMF is running on my Semi
would make it perfect.

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