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Spiro Product Information

The ultimate personal MagnaWave machine! Featuring a digital signal, the Spiro features 10 settings across 20 intervals, letting you find the perfect signal strength. Featuring our latest digital membrane faceplate, using MagnaWave has never been easier.

With the purchase of a Spiro machine, you’ll receive the Large Loop, Butterfly Loop, and Certification Training for 1 individual. Shipping fees are an additional cost on the purchase price. The online training covers educational videos for horses, pets, and livestock. If you want a more tailored training experience in addition to online, we do offer an in-person hands-on training day in Louisville, KY. You can add hands-on training to your machine purchase. Ask your Product Specialist for more information!

The Spiro, like all of our machines, includes a full 3-year warranty on the machine itself and an additional 7-year warranty free of charge, that guarantees you will not pay more than $700 in a calendar year on repairs. Anything over the $700 will be covered by MagnaWave. We never charge for our warranty as MagnaWave stands behind all of our machines.

You can also order now by clicking the link and filling out the order form below. You will receive a tracking number by email so you can sign for your equipment when it arrives.

Financing options are also available for business or personal use, if needed. Please click the financing button below for further information!

The Spiro Machine

Magnawave pulsepro

We can customize any Spiro package for you! Is there an attachment you would like to add to the bundle? Do you have any questions about the Spiro? If you would like a custom quote, please let us know!

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