Show Pig Bundles

Raising show pigs requires a lot of resources and hard work. While a good feed program and training play a pivotal role in their success, maintaining their overall health is critical. That’s where MagnaWave comes in. MagnaWave uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to boost your pig’s health without drugs or harmful side effects. PEMF works at the cellular level to reduce pain and inflammation while improving mobility and movement.

With years of research and clinical studies, MagnaWave has been used to help show pigs become champions. Our machines were recently featured on the show Pig Royalty, where our practitioner David Hedges used PEMF to help the pigs feel great from the pen to the ring. We have created two Show Pig Bundles so that you can use what the champs use.

PEMF technology for pig health

Sol Pro
Show Pig Bundle


Show Pig Bundle


MagnaWave Helps Show Pigs

Judges look for an attractive appearance and mobility when in the ring. After being in the trailer for a long time, your pig’s body can become sore and stiff, making it even harder to get the movement you’re looking for. MagnaWave uses PEMF to aid in pain reduction to improve your show pigs gait and to help them move with ease. MagnaWave also helps to reduce their stress from changing environments by providing comfort and relaxation. Sessions are often compared to a massage with the gentle pulsing of the electromagnetic field. This helps your pigs relax while helping them feel their best. Adding MagnaWave to your show pigs routine can keep them fresh, mobile, and sound.

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Show Pig Bundles