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Jan 8, 2022 | 0 comments

Atopic dermatitis is an itchy (pruritic) disease that can happen in both dogs and cats alike. This condition occurs when a household pet inhales a substance that they are allergic to. For example, dust or pollen in the air. Unlike humans who sneeze and cough with allergens, pets react differently by itching. The itching can be localized or all over the body. Common areas include feet, face, ears, abdomen, and front legs.


Unfortunately, this is a disease that cannot be fully cured, but it can be managed. MagnaWave PEMF can help reduce the inflammation caused by the itching due to increasing the blood flow and oxygen content. Sometimes medications are necessary to keep the itching under control, and MagnaWave can help your pet metabolize the medication. Always make sure a veterinarian is involved to create the best plan for your pet!


Since atopic dermatitis does not have a cure, there are a few different ways to help your pet be more comfortable.

  • Avoid allergens – this is the best choice, but may be impossible unless a specific allergen is identified
  • Control pruritus (itching) – talk to your veterinarian to see if medication may be necessary
  • MagnaWave PEMF – to help metabolize the medication and reduce the inflammation caused by the itching!

Comfort is our top priority for pets of any kind! If you believe your cat or dog may have atopic dermatitis, contact your veterinarian and MagnaWave practitioner to formulate a plan. Our goal is to have your household pet feeling their best!