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A MagnaWave Specific Clinical Trial

Dr. Lyons and The University Of Colorado Boulder is currently conducting a MagnaWave specific clinical trial focusing on the results of a 6 session treatment protocol measuring the brain voltage of patients with the QEEG coupled with the P300 and MagnaWave. This is the first such trial of its kind, and publication is expected following the conclusion.

The University of Colorado Boulder Brainwave Study

“We are running patients through the study with very good preliminary results. I’ve attached one pre-post WAVI (QEEG) result for your review. In this case, we have a 56 year old woman with chronic back pain. She has had a total of eight PEMF sessions in a span of 10 weeks. Here are the salient results:

3/13/2019 EEG Brain Speed (see Audio P300 Delay):        284 milliseconds

EEG Brain Power (see Audio P300) Voltage):    5.0 microvolts

1/24/2020 EEG Brain Speed (see Audio P300 Delay):        240 milliseconds

                EEG Brain Power (see Audio P300) Voltage):    10.0 microvolts  

Her brain processing speed increased by 15% and her brain power increased by 103%. These are fantastic results. In addition, the MagnaWave PEMF treatment helped her stop off all prescribed pain medications.”

-Dr. Lyons


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November 16, 2023