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Keep your attachments clean and protected with MagnaWave’s Attachment Covers! MagnaWave is the only PEMF company to provide their practitioners with a product like Attachment Covers. In these times where cleanliness and safety is a primary concern, these are a MUST HAVE. Disinfect with ease when switching between clients and also from animals to human clients, without having a long cleaning procedure before you can even disinfect them!

The Attachment Covers are made from an antimicrobial fabric (to kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms) and can be easily hand-washed at the end of the day. You won’t have to worry about dirt, grime and hair sticking to your attachments (especially if you work with animals), as they cover the entire attachment and can be quickly and easily removed when needed.

Every attachment cover comes with a 12ft lead and your selected attachment fitting. We currently offer attachment covers for the Large Loop, Butterfly Loop, ZOOM Paddle, and Wave Wings. Covers for the MagEnergy Mats will be available soon.

Select your attachment below to preview the covered version.

If you currently own a MagnaWave device, please Contact Us for questions about Attachment Covers!



MagnaWave Practitioners are eligible for a special offer on Attachment Covers. Log into the portal to get your discount today!

Before putting on Attachment Covers, we recommend to disinfect your entire attachment (including the lead and plug(s)), then allow at least 2 minutes for the attachment to completely dry. Once dry, slide the Attachment Covers on for use. *It is always recommended to thoroughly clean and disinfect your equipment (machine and power cord included) between clients, as to help prevent the spread of germs.*

*This product will ship in 6 to 8 weeks.

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Large Loop, Butterfly Loop, ZOOM Paddle, Wave Wings, Magenergy Mat