MagEnergy Mat & Guard Bundle

MagEnergy Mat & Guard Bundle


Get a MagEnergy Mat and Guard in one bundle!

The NEW MagnaWave MagEnergy Guard protects your MagEnergy Mat from the wear and tear of sessions in a barn! This cover is designed to allow you to work on two hooves at once, or four hooves when working with swine or other smaller farm animals. Designed to be durable and easily cleaned, this cover will let you use your PEMF mat for animals of all sizes or locations. MagEnergy Guard will fit the included MagEnergy Mat perfectly!  The built in handle makes it easy to transport no matter where you’re working!

A horse treated for hoof issues using MagEnergy Mat
A MagEnergy Mat used for horse hoof health
MagEnergy Mat Guard used to treat a horse hoof
MagEnergy Mat Guard

MagEnergy Mat & Guard Bundle is great for:

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