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MagnaWave has the largest group of Certified PEMF Professionals in the world. It all starts with a machine, but the real journey begins with Certification and becoming a MagnaWave Practitioner! With over 10+ years of experience, we want to help you become the expert in PEMF and give you the tools needed to get your business off the ground. We’ll do the heavy lifting and you can continue offering great services with your MagnaWave device!


Want to start your own PEMF business? We can help! Whether you’d like to earn extra money on the side or turn this into a full-time career, we have all the tools to help you build a profitable PEMF business and become a respected professional in your community.


If you’re looking to find your local MagnaWave practitioner, this is the map for you! We offer the ability to quickly connect with the closest MagnaWave Certified Practitioner no matter where you are. Submit your zip code and contact info, then we’ll match you up with our list! The practitioner map is a great tool for people who are traveling to shows, or want to experience MagnaWave before purchasing.


Adding a MagnaWave machine to your sessions will keep your practice on the cutting edge of health and wellness. Use MagnaWave to speed recovery and relieve the pain of sore muscles, injured tendons and ligaments. MagnaWaving improves bone mending and calcium influx; as well as, strengthening the immune system. For more targeted treatment MagnaWave offers a variety of attachments great for pinpointing knees, elbows, neck and back pain.


MagnaWave machines are powerful and easy to use. Horse vets, stable owners and thoroughbred trainers purchase a machine for the onsite portability; as well as, the benefits of giving PEMF to the horse. Performance and show horse trainers find MagnaWaving before an event helps calm the horse and get them ready to go out into the arena. After an intense competition, race or show, MagnaWaving helps relieve stress on muscles, tendons and ligaments for a quicker recovery.


MagnaWave optimizes the cells ability to heal and regulate the body for enhanced health. MagnaWave is used by doctors, veterinarians, chiropractors, and our certified practitioners. Here are their success stories.

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