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Practitioner FAQ

Certification training is completed online through the MagnaWave Academy. It includes 20+ hours of videos covering how to use the machine, the science behind PEMF, and is then split into sections on pet, equine, and livestock certifications. You will take small quizzes and assessments along the way to help you become the expert in PEMF.

When you purchase any of our MagnaWave machines, certification is included for you. With a 3-month lease, certification is $1,000, but 100% of that payment goes towards the purchase price at the end of the lease term. We highly recommend certification with all of our leases. Learning to care for and operate the machine correctly will allow you to make the most of your lease term. Just in case you missed it, the $1,000 you put towards your education at the beginning of the lease will be deducted off the machine purchase price.

Yes, although it is not required. Once you have completed the online MagnaWave Certification course, we offer the chance to visit Louisville, Ky for a one-day hands-on training session. Spend the day learning how to apply PEMF to horses as well as small animals. Hands-on training gives you the ability to ask questions about various indications and scenarios that you have or will encounter in your business while getting the answers and new perspective from the experts. In addition, get a consultation from our marketing team and discover the programs MagnaWave has to offer that will help you grown your business of incorporate MagnaWave into an existing wellness practice.

Every year, MagnaWave requires you to complete a continuing education course to stay certified. There is an online course available or you can addend our yearly event, MagnaCon. MagnaWave hosts the MagnaCon 3-Day Education and Networking Event in Louisville, KY. Various speakers, including medical professionals and fellow practitioners, will speak of the science of PEMF and how they are successfully using the modality in different ways within their growing businesses. Attendance at MagnaCon will fulfill your Continuing Education requirement, or there is an online course available.

Recordings from the last MagnaCon are available for purchase.

Once you become certified, you are a part of the MagnaWave family! You will gain access to the Practitioner Portal, private Facebook group, and the MagnaWave App! The Practitioner Portal is your one stop shop to download marketing materials, view research, and create your listing for the MagnaWave Map. The Certified Practitioner Facebook group consists of over 1500 practitioners, many of which are medical professionals who have years of experience to help answer your questions, as well as the MagnaWave Team. Our Marketing Team is also available to help you with any customized materials, websites, logo designs, social media help, and much more! Our office Is open 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday and available to answer your calls and emails with any other support questions you may have.

MagnaWave has a dedicated marketing team designed to help you grow your business with different marketing services available based on your needs. An exceptional resource we offer is the Business Builder Class taught by our President, Alane Paulley. This is a 6-week intensive course to grow and boost your business practices. Each week will cover a different critical topic for building and running a successful business. Relative tasks will be given at the end of every class for you to put what you learned into practice!

You will also have the ability to list your business on our website as a Certified Practitioner, this will enable your information to show up when someone is searching for a practitioner in their area. Speak with your sales associate about these offerings and to wrap it into your financing for a hassle-free start to your business!

MagnaWave has an app! Manage your leads & sessions using the MagnaWave App to record client session details, photos, and email records straight to the client. The app also has guidelines on how to approach different indications right at your fingertips! Tutorials for the app are available in the Portal in Practitioner Resources section.

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