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MagnaWave at the Maryland 5 Star Event 2022

Compete like the Champions

MagnaWave is an official PEMF sponsor of the Maryland 5 Star Event! With only seven events of its kind in the world, this equestrian triathlon will test horse and rider in skill and agility. The Maryland 5 Star event will span four days and have athletes compete in Dressage, Cross-Country, and Show Jumping. Ensuring your horses are in top shape to compete before such an important event is critical. This is where PEMF comes into play. MagnaWave uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to work at the cellular level to reduce pain and inflammation while improving the recovery period. This is done by placing coils on troublesome areas to increase oxygenation to the area for improved wellness.

MagnaWave is proud to empower horses everyday by helping them achieve a higher quality of health and wellness. MagnaWave PEMF has been used in the equine industry for decades to help the most qualifying equine athletes perform to the best of their ability. MagnaWave PEMF helps a horse to train at its best, compete to its fullest and bounce back from injury or work as quickly as possible.

Now on to the Show Specials!

Valid until October 21st, 2022. Must have visited the MagnaWave Booth at the Maryland 5 Star Event 2022.

Save on the Semi 10!

Get a FREE Attachment* when you purchase the Semi 10 during the Maryland 5 Star event!

The Semi 10 is a digital machine making it great to travel with! It has 10 settings with half steps in between so you can find the perfect strength for you or your horse. This machine comes standard with the Large Loop, Butterfly Loop, 1 certification, and 10-year warranty. *3rd Attachment choice of XL Wave Wings or Zoom Paddle.

Save on the Sol Pro!

Save $1k when you purchase the Sol Pro during the Maryland 5 Star event!

The Sol Pro is an exclusive MagnaWave machine that offers you more power to use in a business setting! The Sol Pro features 12 intensity settings and has a timer of up to 90 minutes. It also has detachable wheels making it the ultimate on-the-go machine. This machine comes standard with the Large Loop, Butterfly Loop, 1 certification, and 10-year warranty.

Ready to Try MagnaWave for Your Own Horse?

We have an incredible Try Before You Buy Program available to anyone who wants to see and feel how our machines work. If you decide you want to purchase, 100% of the rental fee is applied toward the purchase!

Horses love getting a MagnaWave session as evidenced by huge signs of release like yawning and stretching. The technology is revolutionizing the equine world as it is drug-free and non-invasive, letting you give your horse the best care possible.

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