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MagnaWave & Health Canada

A Natural Way to Temporarily Reduce Pain and Inflammation and Increase Range of Motion.

MagnaWave utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) to reduce pain, inflammation, stress, and many other health issues. PEMF is said to allow the body to achieve a natural state of wellness by stimulating cell metabolism, increase oxygenation, and reduce inflammation. This action can cause a chain of processes in the body that could lead to improvement of health without adverse side effects. 

Routine use of MagnaWave can improve the body’s ability to repair cells, recover, and rejuvenate. By stimulating cell metabolism, PEMF is thought to trigger a chain of processes in the body that can lead to improvement of health without side effects.


 Many find that owning a MagnaWave machine for their animals is more cost-effective than traveling for regular sessions. MagnaWave machines produce a sensation that your clients can feel for a relaxing experience. Results are felt immediately with continued improvement over time and additional sessions.


MagnaWave offers an innovative line of digital PEMF machines that are Health Canada approved! Our digital machines are smart devices, so they are able to work in countries with 120 or 220 powers supplies without the need for a converter/inverter. MagnaWave has affordably priced machines great for both personal and professional use and are suitable for your livestock, horses, and pets!

The Many Ways PEMF Might Help

Health Canada Approved Machines


$20,950 USD

Maia Duo

$25,950 USD

Semi 5 Duo

$12,950 USD

Semi 5

$6,950 USD


$3,950 USD

Financing is Available

You don’t have to wait! Financing is available for all our Health Canada Approved PEMF machines. Take to a product specailist today!

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