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Use MagnaWave to Leap, Plunge, Spin and WIN.

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When you only have 8 seconds in the ring to make an impression, you better find a way to make it count. Get ready for a rodeo season like never before as MagnaWave helps animals buck harder, move better, and become champions at the rodeo. MagnaWave uses the latest wellness technology to help your animals move better without drugs or harmful side effects. Both bulls and broncs can benefit from a MagnaWave session as it can relieve pre-event travel stress and post-event soreness. 

A horse pushing the man off its back in a race

From Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, and Bareback Riding, these events will feature some of the hardest working animals in the rodeo world. Owners can help their animals perform at 100% with the help of MagnaWave. Give your animals the boost they need to perform their best.

MagnaWave offers several financing options to help you get started! We have machines for every type of ranch or barn. Talk with one our Product Specialists to see which machine is best for you.

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