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149th Derby Winner Mage Uses MagnaWave

Win, Place, Show With MagnaWave

Mage, winner of the 149th Derby, along with second and third place winners Two Phil’s and Angel of Empire, use MagnaWave to recover after training and races. MagnaWave improves muscle recovery and reduces the soreness associated with muscle strain and lactic acid buildup. Several trainers trust MagnaWave practitioners like Kenna Cox and Tandy Becker to administer the power of MagnaWave PEMF on their champions.

“All the horses I have worked on have benefited from MagnaWave, Mage as well. He has stayed so sound and strong, and we know MagnaWave has helped keep him in the best shape to win.

~ Keena Cox, MagnaWave Practitioner

Derby winner mage uses MagnaWave PEMF

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Eclipse Award Winning Trainer Brad Cox

Mage wasn’t the only MagnaWave winner this year. Trainer Brad Cox uses MagnaWave on all 4 of his 2023 Derby horses, including 3rd place winner Angel of Empire. “It seems to really help with muscle stiffness and soreness. We use it a lot on the hind end, gluteal areas, and sacrum. It puts them in a happier place overall to train better and makes them a happier horse.”

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