Enhance Your Sessions

Light therapy is one of the most effective modalities to pair with PEMF. MagnaWave is proud to offer exclusive pricing on the LZR UltraBright and the BrainTap Headset. The LZR UltraBright emits light waves that are focused in an 8 inch area. This is a great modality to address different parts of the body that may be injured or showing signs of irritation. The BrainTap is specially designed to work with music and fits comfortably over the eyes and ears. Combine with PEMF to give you a total relaxation experience. Enhance the effects of your MagnaWave PEMF sessions with the LZR UltraBright or the BrainTap Headset today!

LZR UltraBright

LZR Ultrabright is the most effective and cost-efficient device used in administering light therapy. The light waves are focused on the affected area for a specific period of time to add extra energy to areas of the body to improve wellness.


BrainTap technology is built on the concept of brainwave entrainment. The brain will naturally synchronize with external rhythms. BrainTap sessions are cushion-encoded to deliver rhythms that help the brain move through desired frequencies.