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The Ultimate PEMF Business
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horse large loop magnawave neck treatment

The purchase of the Julian Duo Business Bundle comes with the Julian Duo, Butterfly Loop, Large Loop, Wave Wings, MagEnergy Mat, MagEnergy Guard, MagnaWave Certification AND our Business Builder Class, taught by the MagnaWave President and CEO, Alane Paulley.

This bundle is the ultimate package to start your PEMF business. It equips you with all the tools and education that you need to succeed in this industry and helps you make lifelong connections with other people in the MagnaWave Family!

Everything You Need to Start Your MagnaWave Business

Be prepared for every session with the Ultimate Business Bundle. 
Not only do you get two machines in one portable case, but you will also have 4 attachments allowing you to target the entire body. Additionally, you will be enrolled in the MagnaWave Business Builder Class with our President and CEO Alane Paulley.

The Business Bundle!

The Most Cost Effective Way To Start Your MagnaWave Business

The Julian Duo

2 Powerful Spark Chamber Machines in One Case!!

The MagnaWave Julian Duo is two analog PEMF machines in one portable, All-Terrain Case! Designed for optimal use and easy transportation, this one analog machine uses two independently operating Julian machines in one all-terrain case. Wherever you’re operating at, the Julian Duo allows two attachments to be used simultaneously with independent intensity settings and time! Built for personal or professional use, the Julian Duo has 20 settings for intensity and a timer from 1 to 90 minutes. The Julian Duo comes with a Butterfly Loop, Large Loop, Wave Wings, ZOOM Paddle, certification, and 10 year warranty.

Included Attachments

This package includes all the attachments we would recommend for your business! The Large Loop, Butterfly Loop, WaveWings, MagEnergy Mat and MagEnergy Mat Guard! The Large loop is extremely versatile. The Butterfly loop is great for legs and shoulders. The WaveWings are perfect for larger animals. The MagEnergy Guard Bundle allows you to address the entire body of small to medium sized animals and both feet of large animals. 


large loop image
Large Loop
butterfly loop image
Butterfly Loop
wave wings image
matguard and mat bundle image
MagEnergy Guard Bundle

Included Business Builder Class

Join MagnaWave President, Alane Paulley, for MagnaWave’s Business Builder Class, a 6-week intensive course to grow and boost your business practices. Each week will cover a different critical topic for building and running a successful business, and relative tasks will be given at the end of every class so you can put what you learned into practice! A course workbook will also be provided to help keep you on track. The Business Builder courses are 6 weeks long. Classes will be held on Thursday’s at 4pm EST via Zoom. An internet connection is required to attend these classes and a calendar invitation with the Zoom meeting link will be emailed to you for every class. Normally this class is $750, but is included with your purchase of the Ultimate Business Bundle.

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