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MagnaWave Academy Basic Training

Welcome to our entry-level training material. To get started, please make sure to watch all the videos in the “Machine & Attachment Care” and “MagnaWave Basics” sections. Additionally, don’t forget to watch the “Machine User Video” for your specific device.

Once you’ve purchased a MagnaWave machine, you’ll be granted access to the Practitioner Certification Training. This training provides more comprehensive education and includes exams to test your knowledge.

Want to add on something new or have questions about our products? Give us a call.

Can’t find what you are looking for, or need assistance? Check out our support center.

Watch only the video of your machine. This will provide you all the correct user information on using the machine to the best of your ability!

This course includes important information on how to care for your machine and attachments.

At MagnaWave, our goal is to help every person and animal feel their best through PEMF technology.

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